Logistic service

As another activity of our carrier with dispatch service we would like to offer storage in transit, storage terminals. We are also ready to store your goods and assure :

  • transloading from railway carriages into trucks (combined      transport-railway/road)

  • distribution of goods directly to the consignees (separation      and consolidation of consignments, packaging, labelling and      other service)

  • term delivery of consignments directly to consignees      (in abroad) and other related activities.


    Feel free and ask for details if you are interested in :

    Domažlice, Masarykova ul. 543

    tel.: +420 379 788 531
    tel.: +420 379 788 333
    tel.: +420 379 788 334
    fax.: +420 379 788 500
    e-mail: info@dosped.cz